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We need to name this new elderly sorceress/ fairy character! (Look at image below) 

1 deviant said Hilda
1 deviant said Mrs. Bigby
1 deviant said Junggo (Jung= young, go= fly)
No deviants said Magpie
No deviants said Rose
No deviants said Doris
No deviants said Greta
No deviants said Dot
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Snally and Dwayyo by Jinxedcomic
Snally and Dwayyo
Drawn in a fit of inspiration, the Snallygaster and Daweyo Dogman (who haunt the forests of Maryland, USA). Illustrated by hand, colored with Prismacolor markers and inked with Deleter pens. 

Train until your Idols are your Rivals 
[originally posted on] 
Earlier this morning, in my disaster of an art studio, I find myself staring at a blank sketchbook and regretting the fact that I simply don’t care to draw anything today. Sun filters in through a strange window in my new home, a warm cup of coffee sits to the left of my computer screen as I chew my lip thinking “I don’t want to do this today.” Then my consciousness pops into my head and replies “You’re a professional, you got to draw something today!” But alas, I just can’t.

This happens sometimes, it’s a creative burnout or writer’s block, and I know a lot of other artists find themselves “on the ledge” and not sure where to go from here. Currently, I’m suffering from it. After years of experience, I have found the remedies to dig myself out of a trench like this and eventually get myself going again. But for greener, newer, and less experienced artists, creative burnout can be a very scary thing.

First, I want you to know that this is completely normal. Relax, it will pass quicker as long as you acknowledge that this is what you are suffering from.

Going back to earlier today, I reflected on what got me into a creative burnout (what I call writer’s block) in the first place. Stress is a good way to get there, or in actuality, not handling stress well is how to get there. For me, I just moved across the country last week. I’m loving Rhode Island (everyone is so nice here) but there is still a bit of culture shock and it puts stress on my psyche. Second thing I reflect on is medication I take for asthma, a side effect of that is anxiety and depression. The last thing is that Mike and I have been watching a pretty neat new anime series called Rokka- Braves of the Six Flowers-. It’s a fantasy light novel series which has been adapted into an anime in which I see a lot of parallels between it and Jinxed. Except that the artwork is much better and that the writing (so far up to episode 6, but especially the first episode) is fantastic. I enjoy watching a variety of media, I find it healthy in keeping balanced as a creator to know what other creators are, well, creating! But sometimes you can get a little blue from seeing someone execute something better than you can. I have some pride, and I’ve been humbled. Being a proud person, that’s hard to accept.

See? There is a lot of stress and pressure there. What do I do when this happens? I challenge it! Going back to the Rokka issue, yes someone made a high quality animation based on a (what I suspect) is a popular fantasy novel series. This is my cue to up my writing and illustration game! Train until your idols are your rivals is one quote I randomly remember from somewhere (I think it’s from Arnold Schwarzenegger of all places) but it explains what I mean pretty well. Not that I see all other comic creators as “rivals” (hahahaha, no) but meaning instead that you just keep training until you are on par with those who you admire.

On to the other stressors; culture shock and medication, they are dealt with a little differently. Culture shock will be lessened by time and going out and experiencing our new area. I did a little bit of that this week by going to a seafood festival and the beach! But time will also allow for adjustment.

Medications, on the other hand, are more delicate. I just keep in mind of what the side effects of my medication are, and that when I’m feeling a bit down and out, remind myself of a possible cause. I don’t discontinue use of my asthma medication, but I find a way to work with it and around it. Sometimes I have to take longer breaks than I normally would, but in the end I look back at 14 year old me and how excited she was for the possibility to draw comics for a living. Given that is the situation now, it fills me with pride and cheer and I’m back to work! For example, instead of moping around the house today watching reruns of the Big Bang Theory, I chose to write this little blog post! Maybe someone also in the same boat as me will find a way to work through their creative burnout?



Love is Love by Jinxedcomic
Love is Love
Special page drawn today in celebration of the SCOTUS ruling for marriage equality! It features Imilmalore with his partner Lord Fen'tar (you saw them in Chapter 0 and Fen'tar again in Chapter 3).
Also included in the illustration is a new character, Leelah, although she won't be formally introduced until later in the series. Leelah is an open transgender character who becomes Aria's best friend (she's also a mage like Aria, but for the water shrine.) 
Love wins!

The end of Grey

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 7:08 AM

As you may have noticed, I'm changing things up on my DA account. This is because I decided to cease working on Miss Grey, a comic project that I've been working on for better part of a decade.

Sometimes if you love something you just have to let it go. Miss Grey wasn't working out as planned, even after giving it the ol' college try, and I was getting burnt out. Is this the end of Grey? Probably not. But I want to refine my writing skills so I can write a story plot that does her character, and all the other characters, justice.

Look forward to my next graphic novel project, Jinxed, which will be out January 1st, 2015.


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